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In a world where terrorism and criminality are daily news it is crucial that our emergency services are trained to meet the ever changing threat. AKD specialise in security and K9 training to assist all front line personnel in their mission.




To provide 1st responder security services and training to the highest recognised global industry standards. Provide enhancement and efficiency of capability in the fight against terrorism and criminality in order to protect life, property, liberty and the public interest. 



AKD will provide products and services that aim to improve the operational standards, quality assurance, profitability and end user capability for all our clients.


Our Story


AKD and a collective of organisations have come together to provide a ‘one stop shop’ solution for your 1st responder security needs. AKD formed this year as a shop window to the world for delivery of Police, Military and security training, supply of K9 assets and handlers, and establishing a paradigm of operational capability to the very highest of standards.


Our highly experienced staff are all specialists in their given fields. Their aim to bring about change in the security and K9 industry to ensure client reputation, exacting standards and safety of the public. AKD look to form strategic partnerships, alliances and in time a collective of security and K9 organisation who work together to provide the best this industry has to offer.  

Training Quality Assurance

AKD are ratified by OCNcredit4learning an internationally recognised accrediting body. Going forward into 2021 OCN will accredit training deliverables assuring quality and competency.


Our training material is mapped against the European and UK National Occupational Standards (NOS), British Standards Institute (BSI), Homeland Security Qualification (HSQ), National Occupational Standards, Security Industry Authority (SIA), Skills for Security (SfS), Skills for Justice (SfJ) to ensure sector compliance.

The Academy of K9 Detection

ADK is currently constructing a kennels for the delivery of training and breeding of K9s; this will be based in Peja, Kosovo. Watch this page to stay posted as the work progresses.

ADK has numerous other training facilities based in the UK through our partners. For details go to out associates page.

K9 Training
General Purpose Dog Lv 2 - 3 (Police)
General Purpose Dog Lv 2 - 3 (security sector)
General Purpose Refresher
Firearms Support Dog (FSD) Lv 4 - firearms Sp
Mine Detection Dog (MDD)
Explosive Detection Dog (EDD)
Cadaver Dog 
Arms Explosives Search (AES) Dog
Tracker Dog Lv 4 UK Police
Tracker Dog Lv 4 Identification by Scent Discrimination (ISD)
Tracker Dog Lv 3 - security sector
Drug Dog Lv3 - Pro-active
Drug Dog Lv 3 refresher
Drug Dog Lv 3 Passive scanning (people)
Drug Dog Lv 3 Passive Refresher
Tobacco Detection Dog Lv 3
Tobacco Refresher Course
Currency Detection Dog
Currency Detection Refresher Course
Casualty Detection Dog Lv 3  (open Area)
Structural Collapse Course Lv 3/4
Human Remains Dog (HRD) Lv 4 
Forensic Evidence Search Dog (FES)) Lv 4 (blood)
Explosives Detection  Dog (EDD) Lv 4 (ACPO)
Explosive Detection Dog AES Lv 4 (Military)
Weapons Recovery Dog (WRD) Lv 3 (Mil/Pol)
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Dog:
         - Passive People (EDD)
         - Person Borne Weapons (firearms)
         - Vehicle Search
         - Route Search
Training facilities in Kosovo and UK
carousel dog.jpg
K9 Handler Training
K9 Handler 
K9 Handler Explosive Threat courses
Scent Room Detection Technician 
K9 Management courses
K9 Handler Train the Trainer
Explosive Threat Training Services
Police and Military High Risk SEARCH
Aviation Security SEARCH
Maritime & Vessel SEARCH
EOD & IED Recognition
Basic IED awareness
First on scene Operations
Risk management
Security assessment review and test exercises
Other capabilities
Bespoke IED training aids kits
Research and Development
Testing and Evaluation
Personnel management - database and logbooks
Security App for tracking and personnel management
Bespoke training and packages upon request...

For further course information please go to our training page

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