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Taking the Risk out of Risk

Our Model


The Academy of K9 Detection (AKD) is a leader in providing current, state of the art training for all first responder agencies. AKD specialise in K9 provision and bespoke training, Counter Terrorist (CT) SEARCH, IED Awareness, Management Training, Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to Course Design and Development.

AKD prides itself on exacting standards of training and capability delivery, partnered with a group of like minded individuals from across the first responder sector.

AKD now have OFFICES in the  UK, Kosovo and Saudi Arabia. Each centre providing the exacting standards and quality breed lines for K9 provision. 

United Kingdom Company Registration Number: 12428961

Republic of Kosovo Company Registration Number: 811486530

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Registered Offices:

PO Box 2710, Postal Code 31146,

Dammam City

Sultanate of Oman Registered Offices

PO Box 791, Post Code 911


Our Vision

To provide the best product, to inspire and implement solutions for safe, efficient and effective security operations.


Our Mission

To provide 1st responder security services and training to the highest recognised global industry standards. Provide enhancement and efficiency of capability in the fight against terrorism and criminality in order to protect life, property, liberty and the public interest


Our Promise

That we will take you to the next level in security operations through enhanced training, utilising the latest technology and equipment to ensure your security personnel are better than the rest. 

Want to know more?


Go to our contacts page or give us a call.

AKD are an authorised training provider for Skills for Security.

Our Services

  • K9 security & management.

  • Provision of trained K9 assets.

  • K9 training delivery

  • K9 handler Training

  • Quality Assurance (QA) of in country K9 capability

  • Security Consultancy.

  • Training exercises - table top to field exercises.

  • Capability and procedural review.

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

  • Course Design and development.

  • Research and Development.

  • Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) Training 

  • Security SEARCH and IED Awareness Training.

  • Security SEARCH Management Training.

  • Basic SEARCH Awareness for non- operational employees.

  • Develop and Conduct training exercises for Counter Terrorist Response.


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