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Training and Career Opportunities with AKD


I want to be a Dog handler - What the job involves

As a working dog handler, you would be teamed with a specially trained dog. You would be responsible for the K9's welfare and control. Whether a Police Officer, Soldier, Customs Officer or a dog handler as part of a Private Security organisation, we at AKD train them all.  If you are keen to work with animals, are highly motivated, industrious and hardworking, this could be just what you are looking for.


Personal qualities

To be a successful dog handler you will need patience and confidence as well as being comfortable working independently with your dog. You also need to be able to judge situations accurately, have keen observation skills and react instantly to any given situation. You will also need:

  • experience of caring for dogs and have an affinity with them

  • to be physically fit and strong

  • to be patient and self-confident

  • the ability to work a dog efficiently with minimum supervision

  • a stable home life – in some positions your dog will live in your own home

  • to be responsible, alert and observant

Come for a Tryout

AKD offer those who wish to come along and work with our expert team of handlers and dogs the chance of a tryout.

You will be able to experience the day in the life of a K9 handler and hopefully opt into our AKD training program and start your journey as a K9 handler.

Get in Touch Now

If you are interested in a career as a K9 handler then give Gavin Hepworth a call and arrange a tryout with us.


Call +44 (0)7975818427 or E-mail:

Already Qualified

If you are already qualified and want to work with us. Call us to arrange an interview. Send your CV and copies of your qualification to

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