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Director of AKD UK 

K9 Consultant and Senior Adviser

Gavin Hepworth has an unrivaled reputation within the global K9 community. Gavin has been actively researching and developing K9 detection training techniques for over 40 years and has in his time trained many thousands of dogs and handlers.


Gavin is known for his direct and honest approach to delivering high end state of the art training which is both innovative and unique. Working with engineering, electronics and scientific experts Gavin has developed a new scent wall capability which is able to imprint K9 assets 5 to 6 times faster than conventional imprinting techniques.


Gavin is seen by the K9 community as the go to guy should you have a K9 conundrum requiring a solution. Often trained handler will bring a K9 asset to him to resolve an issue they are unable to fix.


Gavin is now sat on the NaCTSO K9 review board as a senior adviser representing ADK where he is a key voice for the development of capability going forward within the UK. Gavin continues to push the boundaries of K9 training for the betterment of the industry and is AKD's leading K9 specialist.

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