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AKD are a leading K9 training specialist with decades of experience and a reputation for excellence. Our executive protection dogs (EPD) are trained to the highest possible standard to provide you and your loved ones with the 24/7 protection they deserve.

Security with Peace of Mind

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AKD protection dogs are thoroughly evaluated to ensure they have the correct temperament. AKD invest time to train our dogs to be responsive to the threats you can potentially face, such as: premises intrusion, physical attack or robbery. When a dog has passed all assessments and demonstrated the correct level of response, we introduce you the family to the dog and together we continue the training process until you are happy with the dog. AKD want you to have peace of mind not additional stress and our comprehensive training schedule of training will ensure all members of the family especially children feel confident and comfortable with the new family member. 

Why choose AKD above our competitors?

  • Decades of experience in delivering K9 protection dogs.

  • K9 selection, ensuring the dogs selected are an exact match to your personal requirements.

  • We involve you in the process so you are confident in the dog and know how to handle your new charge.

  • REACHBACK, providing continued support into the future.

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What is the Process for Acquiring an EPD?

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  • Make the decision - to help you click on the EPD fact sheet for further information.

  • Contact us - Please go to our contact page fill out the contact form or call us directly and speak to Gav our lead trainer on 0795818427.

  • AKD select the dog for you - You visit and meet the dog.

  • AKD train and prepare the dog for you.

  • WE come to you and continue the family environment training.

  • REACHBACK – On call advice or a visit to help should you want support.

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