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Counter Terrorism Training

AKD specialise in the delivery of counter threat training in addition to K9 security training. Our specialists instructors have decades of operational experience in the fight against criminality and terrorism, both home and abroad. 


AKD have a cadre of EXPLOSIVE THREAT training courses. These are delivered to you through online learning and attendance courses.

Download our "Courses Compendium" to see the full list of courses available

listed under Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Training.


Should our cadre of courses not list what you need, AKD are able to developed bespoke training to your exacting needs.

The owners and operators of businesses and public spaces such as concert halls, shopping centres and parks will be legally bound to protect such venues from terrorism under a new statutory duty proposed by the government. Already adopted by the Manchester Authorities, it likely to become law across the UK. 

AKD are a step ahead with a full suite of online and attendance courses to ensure your employees and security personnel are fully trained and prepared to meet the 5 Martyns Law requirements:

  1. A requirement that spaces and places to which the public have access engage with freely available counter-terrorism advice and training.

  2. A requirement for those places to conduct vulnerability assessments of their operating places and spaces.

  3. A requirement for those places to mitigate the risks created by the vulnerabilities.

  4. A requirement for those places to have a counter-terrorism plan.

  5. A requirement for local authorities to plan for the threat of terrorism.


AKD will support your needs with the provision of VULNERABILITY AND THREAT ASSESSMENTS as part of the service.

   1. Non - security staff explosive threat awareness training.

   2. Basic Search Awareness Training (BSAT) to enhance the explosive threat response capabilities of your security personnel.

   3. Counter threat operational planning for security team leaders and managers.

   4. Threat and Vulnerability Assessments.

   5. Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

   6. Test exercises.



For further information on all our counter threat courses contact Phil Jowett MBE -

call +44 (0)7907408634 / E-mail or leave a message through our contact page.

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Martyn's Law - New legislation on its way 

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